Welcome to the Home Chruch Zion!

Natsue Kuryuu, Pastor Mr. Kuryuuu(Deacon) and Mrs. Kuryuu(Postor)

Nice to meet you. My name is Natsue Kuryuu, the pastor of Home Church Zion. Our church belongs to the Japan Revival League.
Our small chapel locates in the forest. In our chapel, we can enjoy not only the green of trees in every spring but also the red of maples in every autumn. We often forget times going by. Church members are all friendly. Every Sunday we have a worship service so that we are at home.

* The profile of our pastor: *

She comes from Tochigi prefecture, also she lives in now.
After graduating a childrens' welfare course in Izumi Junior College, she worked in Christianity preschools.
She graduated the diplomatic course of KYORITSU Christian Institute. From 1991, she started her first pioneering pastoral activity in former Kuroiso City(which is now Nasu-Shiobara City) with her husband.
From April in 2000, she started her second pioneering pastoral activity in former Shiobara Town(which is now also Nasu-Shiobara City).
Now, She is the pastor of our Home Church Zion which belongs to the Japan Revival League(a board member of Japan Revival League), and also she is an activist to support parenting, as an opinion leader of home education in Tochigi Prefecture.